51575 How did you get on this canvas

Lucy Jones at Flowers Gallery, NY

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If I am going to be totally honest, when Brent Beamon of Flowers Gallery in NY reached out to me about the possibility of interviewing Lucy Jones, I wasn’t familiar with her work. A quick look at her profile and I was immediately hooked. I knew she would be a great artist to introduce you […]


Artist Leah Thiessen on the RC

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I am excited to bring this next artist to you because I think her work is luscious. Abstraction is guilty pleasure for me and I love looking round trying to find something that resonates both stylistically and aesthetically. In a field that is saturated with so much work that all looks the same it is […]

Self portrait *, colored ballpoint pen, 5 x 7 in, 2014

Going out with a bang with artist Nicolas V. Sanchez!

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I am so excited to introduce you to Nicolas V. Sanchez. I wanted to end 2014 with one of my favorite artists-RC will be back in January 2015 featuring more amazing artists and some really great authors! I got to meet Nico while I was still in school and remember marveling at his incredible paintings. Not […]