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Overt and Ulterior Taxonomies, MONA Detroit is under way!  The exhibition opening was great and I want to thank Jef Bourgeau, director of MONA, Jessica, MONA Curator, Andrea Eckert, Dana (Nic) Jerabek, Lisa Rigstad and Nate Tonning-artists extraordaire- for including me in such a great exhibition!  

/SLANT/ opens at C.O.D.A. Gallery in Grand Rapids, MI

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/SLANT/  debuted on October 12, 2012 at C.O.D.A.Gallery in Grand Rapids, MI. Three artists-Cindi Ford, Patricia Constantine and Susan Mulder-each working in very different media, came together to create an exhibition addressing socio-political issues ranging from food politics to domestic abuse and genetic engineering.  The result was a thoughtful and sometimes difficult exhibition. I wanted to take […]

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Beginning this Friday, October 12, 2012, my work will be a part of /SLANT/,  an exhibition at C.O.D.A. Gallery in downtown Grand Rapids, MI.  The exhibition features the work of three artists addressing social concerns through imagery an objects that can multiple interpretations.   I will be showing ‘Hello, Dolly’ and ‘Ave Verum Corpus’-a brand […]