It’s not me-it’s you. Really.

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I have a really great interview coming up on the Rejection Chronicles but before I post it (I promise it is worth the wait!) I wanted to get a few thoughts on rejection out there.  I am loving this series and have enjoyed sharing artists that I think are pretty awesome! Just thought I would […]

Meet Heidi Durrow on the Rejection Chronicles!

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Happy 2015 everyone-I hope your year is off to a grand beginning! After a long winter’s nap Rejection Chronicles is back and we are kicking off the new year with Heidi Durrow, author of The Girl Who Fell From the Sky. I met Heidi during an artists residency last January (the amazing Brush Creek Foundation […]

Say Hi to Lisa Congdon on the Rejection Chronicles!

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  Today’s interview on the RC is with amazingly talented Lisa Congdon.  Lisa has become one of my favorites and I am so excited to share her take on rejection AND some of her incredible work. I love her work so much that I decided give a signed copy of her book, Whatever You Are, […]

First up for Rejection Chronicles-Aleah Chapin!

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To kick off the new series, Rejection Chronicles, I am excited to talk with painter Aleah Chapin!  I discovered her work a while back and was blown away by its intense honesty.  Though I have not been fortunate enough to see her work in person I continue to return to her site, and others that […]