Annie F. Downs visits the Rejection Chronicles today!

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If you follow regularly you will know that things have been a little slow lately on the site.  A couple of things are going on-one, I have a new home, new studio and a whole lot of new things going on! Great news, right!  This means I have been keeping busy with getting things spiffed […]

Sex & The City and Other Distractions

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You know, I am pretty sure that there are times that the universe conspires against us-especially when we are  on the brink of something cool. Take today for example. I was soooooo, I mean SO excited to get up and get to work on my upcoming series, Rejection Chronicles. I have some great interviews (and […]

The fine art of self censorship…or how I quit my day job and sat around in my underpants all day…

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OK, so maybe I didn’t sit around in my underpants all day…at least not everyday…not too much anyway. Self censorship can take a couple of different forms. It can be that crippling self doubt kind of censorship that keeps you from voicing the ideas bubbling away in your gut, desperately wanting to get out. In […]

All These Voices…

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I don’t know about you but sometimes I rush headfirst into something-purely out of enthusiasm-only to pull back when the voices begin their conversation. Can you really do that? You aren’t ready for that. You can’t write. That’s not your deal. You aren’t good enough. Not. Good. Enough. At. All. The other day I had […]