You know that day? Yea, that one…

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  I am word weary and social media exhausted.  Never before have I appreciated the phrase “at a loss for words”. Somehow, I have always managed to find words-whether written or spoken-to communicate what is bouncing around in my head or heart. Last week my words went away.. I’m even having difficulty finding a way […]

How #Blessed are you?

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Think about this…what if brokenness could be seen as a blessing? So often we equate blessing with happiness, possessions, the good things happening in our lives. What if we saw our brokenness as a blessing? What if the struggle of brokenness-whatever its form-is so that we can better live into the promises of God?  Something […]

All These Voices…

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I don’t know about you but sometimes I rush headfirst into something-purely out of enthusiasm-only to pull back when the voices begin their conversation. Can you really do that? You aren’t ready for that. You can’t write. That’s not your deal. You aren’t good enough. Not. Good. Enough. At. All. The other day I had […]