Let’s get to know each other…

Detail of ‘Moment’s Last” in progress. Media is House Paint and Cattle Markers

I am an artist. Defining just what that is a little tricky because it can mean different things on different days!

Do I have an MFA? Check. I received my masters in painting in 2009 and went on to serve as an executive director of an arts organization, I was a professor and director of an awesome little gallery.  I quit all of those things to pursue what I really always wanted to do…work in my studio.  With the blessing of my family I walked away from a paycheck in the hopes of building my studio practice and create opportunities to share what I do with others.  In 2013 I started Let’s Get Waxed encaustic workshops and teach out of my home as well as book gigs with organizations interested in adding encaustics to their programming.

Do I create? Check. Since leaving the day job scene I have had more opportunities to focus on my personal studio practice.  I have been working on paintings, encaustics, installation and have even been doing a little writing.  I continue to pursue opportunities to exhibit my work both competitively and in a gallery setting.  My goal is to find a gallery out west somewhere (this is where my heart lies!) and build a steady practice.

My last bit is this.  I look for the yes. My portfolio is diverse because I believe in giving an idea its best expression and sometimes that means a painting just won’t do. Some see this as problematic for having a ‘cohesive’ body of work–I see it as being open to growth.For me, it boils down to this–I love to try new things, expand my understanding of what I do and grow both as a person and as an artist. Opportunities seldom come along twice so when a good one comes along I like to take a deep breath and say yes!

2013 Full Resume  PDF.  Please click for complete resume including professional work history and CV.

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