Hello! It’s Nice to Meet You!

Hello!  I’m an artist, maker, writer and founding member of the Crone’s Nest (a super secret, underground group of amazing women who aren’t ashamed that they’ve earned their gray hair) and general life lover. I do my best to take from the lessons I’ve learned along the way and make something good.

I am also a Mim-a most favored and highly honored position. OK, that just  means I am a grandma- a very, very, VERY young one, but one none-the-less. Best job I’ve had since having kids! I’ve had other jobs too, with real paychecks, but they’re just filler. I’ve been in charge of stuff, started stuff and taught and learned amazing things along the way. Each has gone into forming and filling my life in ways I never anticipated and taken me on journeys I couldn’t have imagined.

I am open to new ideas and love to begin fresh on a regular basis.  A couple of years ago I left my dream job-something I had worked long and hard for-without a plan but a firm belief that it was the right time and right thing to do.  I am still on a path of discovery towards whatever it is I was really meant to do and I am SO excited because I know it is going to be great (and fun too!).

At home you can find me making snarky comments and general commentary around my husbands shenanigans as well as searching for the perfect GF bread recipe-which is kinda like an alien-ya can’t see it but you know it’s out there…

Oh, and I have a cat named Bo. He hates it when I forget to mention him.

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