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Welcome to Poet Kind.

This is a new venture for me. I have written all my life-say all writers everywhere. One thing I haven’t written is poetry, at least not since I was in sixth grade. Which, incidentally, is when I had my first poem published. If I can unearth a copy I will post it here sometime. It had something to do with valentines day and I am sure it was brilliant.  Anyway, I have undertaken to follow a sort of calling-a pressure on my heart-to write. It seems unorthodox to me to use poetry but it is the form with which if continues to come-so I’ll roll with it.

As part of the journey I have created PoetKind Podcast. A simple, straight forward, no bells and whistles podcast. My hope for PoetKind is to offer a platform for new voices (and old, very old as it turns out because #copywrite issues and #lessonslearnedthehardway). There will be writer challenges, guest poets, quips, quotes and all the likely things that happen in a podcast. Follow along-better yet subscribe in iTunes or find us on Spotify, Stitcher, as well as your favorite podcast platform.

As a further commitment to walk in obedience-because answering a call is really an act of obedience-a radical act of obedience and a rebellion against doing the status quo-I am publishing my first collection of poetry soon (fall maybe?). I am self publishing because I just don’t have the time or patience to jump through all the hoops necessary to get it done the traditional way. I am not promising it will be great but it will be honest. The important thing is to get the first one out of the way to make way for the rest to come…

Have questions? Want to play along?  Connect with me on Instagram at @poetkindpodcast and on Twitter at @poetkindpodcast for all the latest updates.  You can also email me at poetkindpodcast@gmail.com. Poet Kind accepts submissions for inclusion in the show and for submission guidelines drop us a note.

That’s all for now-hope to see you at Poet Kind!

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