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Art Crush: j e r o m e g a s t a l d i


j e r o m e g a s t a l d i.

Last week I was in California delivering two encaustic pieces and spent some time visiting Napa Valley, seeing the sites, eating (oh, the eating!) and saw this artists work in a restaurant.  First, I want to say that it was so refreshing to see authentic original-REAL-art in a public place and not just banal prints and unoriginal decor. Second, I found his work breathtaking.

The large scale images were filled with vibrant color and expressive movement.  The works I viewed were figural/abstract and I could have looked at them all night.  The only downside was the fact that many of the pieces were directly over patron seating and made if awkward to spend any time looking at them without feeling like I had to buy a drink for everyone seated in the space! The few that were in more open spaces were a pleasure to explore and I hope I get the chance to see his work again.


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