Back in the Computer saddle again…

In case you hadn’t noticed, I’ve been a little bit absent lately. Or, longly. Or, for a long while.  Perhaps you didn’t notice and that’s OK too!  It was a combination of things but mostly it was my lack of a working computer.  I had been preparing a post for someone else when my computer went belly up.  Being the computer illiterate that I am I immediately took a photo of my screen and sent it to our resident compuguru and his advise was, and I quote, “don’t touch anything”. I didn’t and though my first instinct was to begin CPR I waited until the guru had a look. He pronounced it dead. Like real dead. Deader than a doorknob, you can’t retrieve anything from this computer ever again dead. I tried to yell for the shock paddles but, it was too late. I took a deep breath, said good-bye and slowly stepped away.

Funny thing happens when your method for writing decides to quit. Suddenly you get all the ideas. ALLLLLLL the ideas.  I should backtrack and mention that on this computer now only good as a cheese platter, I had ten years of writing, 15 years of art related portfolio information (including documentation of all the work I no longer have), allllll the pictures in the world and, and here is where it gets good, a book proposal I was almost finished with and preparing to find places to submit. Caput. Gone. Without so much as an adios, so long, sayonara, I’ll be seein’ ya.  So all these ideas that decided to pop up have nothing to do with what I already had done.  I resorted to emailing myself quick synopses so I could retain them-they always arrived at the most inopportune time and I almost always have my phone handy. 

Fast forward to the arrival of the newest member of our household-a slick new (to me) computer. Oh, man, I had been waiting for this! In fact, I could hardly wait to begin fleshing out all those hastily emailed thoughts. Yup, I got right to it. I tested out the keys, ran my hand over the screen, made sure the face recognition software worked (you read right-face recognition), downloaded Netflix and immediately watched Trolls.

It was purely in the name of research to make sure all the pixels lined up and the sound checked out. Purely research. Then I downloaded the PBS app because I love British drama. And, for the sake of more research, watched an episode of Grantchester and My Mother and Other Srangers. I figured one more wouldn’t hurt…just to be sure. Then, I played a little solitaire-at least until I won because I usually delete that anyway but I thought I should at least try it out before giving it the old heave-ho.

Once I made sure that all the bells and whistles checked out I figured out how to configure my internet thing a ma jiggy so I could set all the whatevers up and select my favorite home page. Then I browsed a few items like Facebook and Instagram just to make sure those worked. I stayed away from Pinterest though because that is a rabbit hole.  And Amazon; because books.

After a brief hour or two of that then I fiddled with a few settings. Forgot to eat dinner. Downloaded some updates and found myself at eleven o’clock-that would be p.m. o’clock-with absolutely nothing done. No writing, no cooking, no house work, no nuthin’. Well, that’s not entirely true. I now had an ear worm related to my Netflix excursion. And my backside is numb, but that could be from anything.

Yes, I am so happy to be a computer owner again! Because now I can really get to work. Wait, I think I saw something about the next season of Outlander-I better go look that up. And check my email. Is that a Facebook notification? I better check. Oooh, and I almost forgot about Pinterest. On quick visit can’t hurt, right?

I can always write tomorrow…

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