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Better late than never…and Jerry Saltz

Critique with Jerry Saltz @Museum of New Art, Detroit, MI
Critique with Jerry Saltz @Museum of New Art, Detroit, MI

To say I am behind in updating the site is an understatement!  I have added odds and ends but there was one item I had overlooked-and hard to believe I overlooked this!

It was my privilege to participate in an event at the Museum of New Art outside of Detroit in fall 2013 where I had the opportunity to have my work critiqued by none other than the inimitable Jerry Saltz!  This was a terrific evening and a highlight-right up there with spending a few days with New York art critic and poet, John Yau the week prior to this event.

Mr. Saltz was gracious with his time and generous with his feedback.  It was an honor to have my work compared to Barbara Kreuger’s in relation to the use of straightforward language.  He did challenge me to push the envelope a bit-after all, why hold back!  After hearing  him crit other’s work I was surprised that he had nothing negative to say and was very encouraging.

The evening ended with an impromptu photo op as I was preparing to leave with my work-

Great send off!
Great send off!

Great ending for the night!

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