Coming soon! My newest book of poetry, Broken Oranges, from Albatross Book Co.

Broken Oranges Poetry

No Ordinary Time

In October 2018 I hit publish on my first collection of poetry. No Ordinary Time is what I call an accidental book. If I am going to be honest, I didn’t set out to publish a book of poetry; I always thought it would be a book of art commentary or criticism because I’m a visual artist.

After sharing my work with a few trusted readers, I decided to take the leap and put it out there. Inside you will find poems that examine everyday life showing that it is anything but ordinary. When we take time to really look at the world around us, the moments we are living in, the breath we inhabit, we will discover that they are truly extraordinary and that there is no ordinary time.

Here is what others are saying about No Ordinary Time…

Breathtakingly beautiful. Each word, image, rhythm chosen with care. 100% genuine and heartfelt poetry. I am in awe of Mulder’s magic. I will read this again and again

Mia (on Goodreads)

Susan leaves her heart on these pages, a most beautiful, inspirational work of art. I am better for having read her words.

Lori (from Amazon review)

No Ordinary Time, A Poetry Collection can be found on Amazon .Thank you for your interest!

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