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Sex & The City and Other Distractions

You know, I am pretty sure that there are times that the universe conspires against us-especially when we are  on the brink of something cool.

Take today for example. I was soooooo, I mean SO excited to get up and get to work on my upcoming series, Rejection Chronicles. I have some great interviews (and giveaways!) lined up and am super anxious to get them put together, polished up and in queue for the coming weeks.

Yeah, that didn’t happen.

Sometimes life just gets in your way.

And sometimes you get sick and watch Sex & The City reruns.

Don’t get me wrong-I tried! I had my papers all neatly lined up with pens in single file AND my computer was on with my resources prepped, printed and in chronological order aaaaaannnnnnd that’s as good as it got for the rest of the day.  I am convinced that every time I had a coherent, logical thought a hairy little bug ran up to it and beat it into submission in the form of a coughing fit. Cogency eluded me (and, quite possibly, continues to) and the best I could do was curl up with the TV clicker and a cup of hot tea. Which progressed, when it was later in the day, to a cup of hot tea with some whisky and honey in the hopes of drugging the bugs so they would leave me alone long enough to follow a plot line. This left me with nothing checked off my healthier than I am to-do list and an inexplicable desire to wear a tulle skirt. With sparkles.

OK, so maybe I did eek out a few moments to read about all the hard work that everyone else is out there doing in internet land. Lots and lots of folks are doing some amazing stuff out there! Then, after awhile, I not only felt sick but I was beginning to feel less than good about what I had to offer.

This is where I took a deep breath, closed all the tabs I had open, shut the television off and just got to work.  Yeah, I would rather head back to the couch and curl up with Carrie Bradshaw but she wasn’t going to get my work done for me and I wasn’t going to get anywhere sitting there wishing I had her 22″ waist and her Manolo Blahnik’s (I wear a size 9 if anyone is feeling generous).

In truth, other than the sick thing going on, this isn’t any different than any other day.  There are distractions that interfere with doing the good work we are ALL suppose to be doing.  Media distractions, Pinterest distractions, email distractions, dirty dish distractions…it’s just life and the hardest part is in the doing in spite of all that.  So, sit down and get it done.  Put one word, one foot, one query, one email in front of the other and do what it takes to get it done.  I am learning that it isn’t always glamorous or even fun but this is where the dirty work happens to make the beautiful stuff show up when it’s time.

Right now I have my music cranked up, another cup of tea (straight up) and I am getting the dirty work done.  I got off track a little but hitting road blocks doesn’t mean the journey ends it just means that it’s time for a change in direction or method.

Here’s what’s in my ear and in a few days you’ll see a little bit of what I am back to work on…

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