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It’s complicated-and it’s not cake, not really.

While I’ve been busy preparing for the sale of my home/studio (insert sad face-I will miss my studio big time) I have managed to eek out a few moments in the studio.  It was really a form of reward system-I worked for two hours and ran out to the studio for 30 minutes to throw some paint around-not a bad plan all around.  Typical form for me, this one is a bit different that what has come before it. I tend to run with an idea even if it means shifting gears in the middle of something and it usually means the original idea wasn’t really all that great so it’s a win/win.


It’s Complicated

In an effort to let go of certain ideas I let this one happen as it went and didn’t make too many adjustments towards perfecting it-I needed to be able to just let it be.

For those who know me you may know I have a long running love affair with cake. Love. It. Aaaaannnnd, because it is loaded with gluten I can’t have it-at least not in the moist, delicious, delicate, creamy frostinged way I prefer (sorry-there is no gf substitute that I have found that provides that satisfaction).  This being said, it makes cake, well, complicated. The best part is that this piece isn’t about cake at all, at least not completely-and that’s all I’ll say.

So, I am hoping to get at least one more painting done before I am homeless and without a studio!  Now, should the studio god’s decide to provide one I will not, I promise, turn one down but it may be a long while before I spend the time I need to in a functioning space.

Until then, my pursuit of cake and preferably a studio WITH cake, continues-


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