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Making a sale vs. making what you love…

I try to keep this site for updating on new work, new ideas, images and interesting items I glean from my online travels but I find myself in a discussion that, I feel, warrants some further exploration.  I would love to hear your take on it…

My right side (here on out RS):  I long to have __(fill in the blank)___.  My current ‘want’ is more studio space and this is what prompted the conversation.

My left side (LS from here on out):  Where are you going to get the money?

RS: Shit, why does it always have to come back to money?

LS: Because everything costs money and you don’t have any.  Why don’t you sell work?

RS:  I try but it isn’t exactly sale-able.  I’ve been told I won’t be able to sell around here because my work has too much ‘content’.

LS: Make something sale-able then-something people would want to buy-

RS: You mean make “pretty pictures”?

LS: Yeah! Come up with something that you can just whip out a bunch of and sell-you have to find some way to generate income.

RS: OK, so don’t make what I love, make what other people will like and that solves the problem?

LS:  You have to make a buck somehow-I don’t see the big deal.

RS: But what would be the point?


RS: But, I would hate every second of it.

LS: So?  You need to have an income.

RS: But, I would hate every second of it.

LS: Then get a REAL job.

OK, so maybe this is based on a conversation with a real, no, several real people-ya caught me. What it gets down to is that I am tired of having this same conversation and tired of trying to figure out why I would have to compromise what I love to do just because it doesn’t speak to the general public.  Sometimes it feels like my work doesn’t appeal to anyone but that is another conversation about artistic angst for another day.  This said, the gap seems un-bridgeable.  What can be done to reconcile the dichotomy of live to work vs. work to live? How do you reconcile making a sale vs. making what you love?

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