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C. S. Fritz

C.S. Fritz joins Poet Kind for a few “Incoherent Thoughts, Wonderings, & Poems”*.
I got the chance to talk with Casey Fritz about his new book of poetry, Moth.  This multi-talented artist ask tough questions, makes bold, hard statements about faith, fathers and more in one of the most beautifully designed books I’ve come across. And, because he cares about the details, he began an amazing little publishing design house called Albatross Design Co.
* tag line from the book Moth by C. S. Fritz

Jose Hernandez Diaz visits with me today!

Join me for a great Chat with the poet Jose Hernandez Diaz. If you follow me on instagram, you may remember a live session we did at the height of the pandemic. He graciously agreed to come on the podcast and talk a bit more about his work.  

Holly Wren Spaulding on Poet Kind

I sat down with writer, teacher, and generous soul Holly Wren Spaulding and we talked about her new book Familiars–and  few other things along the way.

Camille Dungy chats with me about her poetry, activism, and the need for artists to step into the conversation.

I had a great chat with poet Camille Dungy about her new book, Trophic Cascade,  and the role poets and other creatives can play in shaping society.

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