Rejection Chronicles

Welcome to Rejection Chronicles! I began this series a few years back but as my work and focus have evolved I have suspended interviews for the time being.  I will be migrating the interviews to this page as their permanent home. Please, continue reading for more information on the RC…

I am a firm believer that story is a powerful conduit for understanding the world around you and building community.  I also know that  we all share certain experiences and once we identify those commonalities we can build stronger relationships.  With so many positive things out there why pick rejection?

I have been emerging from a year of not so magical thinking-one where I received rejection after rejection-to the point that I was beginning to question everything that I had been working so hard to build.  You do begin to wonder if the universe is conspiring to move you in a different direction when you go through a period like this!  I pulled back from entering exhibition opportunities, residency programs and just about anything else that I had been attempting to be a part of and was even considering pulling out of visual art altogether.  Sound extreme? maybe. Sound like a quitter? Maybe a little.  What this pulling back allowed me to do was refocus my energies and think a little more clearly about what I ‘should’ (hate this word but it can serve a purpose) be doing, for now anyway.

The Rejection Chronicles became a way for me to reach out and find those common experiences that might help others be encouraged even in the midst of something that can be as defeating as rejection. The goal is to gather stories from creative individuals across disciplines and have a conversation.  I thought  a great deal about who I would want to sit down and have a cup of coffee with and get to know them a little bit and starting reaching out.

The series will feature artists, authors, illustrators-basically creatives of all ilks, as well as book reviews, giveaways and any other fun things I can come up with. If you or someone you know would be a great fit to share your story and wisdom drop me a note!  Or, if there is someone who inspires you and you would like to see them featured I would love to throw out an ask and see what happens!

Rejection-whether it is in our careers or our personal lives-can sting but it doesn’t always have to be a bad thing. There is a lot to be learned from the ‘No’.  I love this quote from Aleah Chapin, who is the first interview in the series-

Use [rejection] to fuel your creativity and aspirations, not so that next time you will be accepted, but so that you can feel good about what you are doing

Please come along for the journey!



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