Those nasty voices….

Life gets busy for all of us, doesn’t it?  It feels as though the fast pace takes over and before we know it days, weeks, months pass by before we realize what has happened.  I’m playing a bit of catch up here, adding a few new readings and working behind the scenes. I’m also getting submissions together, working on a new manuscript, and suffering the angst that all creatives deal with when it comes to putting work out there. That’s when they chime in-the voices that whisper in the background-you know the ones…

How about a little duct tape for those voices…

In a recent interview with Jane Kirkpatrick (she’ll be on the podcast this week sometime!) we discussed those nasty little voices that pop up and throw our focus out of whack, make us doubt what we are doing. Mine take on the form of piskies flying around my head -except they don’t bring good luck- only mischief. I am learning to be deliberate in envisioning them duct taped to the wall with their mouths covered as a way to cope!

How do we silence the voices that try their hardest to derail our work?

Why is it so easy to encourage and support others while falling victim to our own doubts and insecurities? It’s not hard to reach out to another creative and let them know just how important their words are, how necessary their voice is to the greater conversation but when I return to my own work, well…I kind of feel like why bother. I record another poem, listen to it and think it is all drivel.  There’s no pretending that my work is anything extraordinary but I don’t think its crap…or is it?

Encouraging my listeners to build each other up is important to me, reminding them that we are better together-which I believe 100%, is why I come back and do it again. Write again. post again, podcast again, I just keep going. After all, you can’t get anywhere if you aren’t moving- total cliche but truth is truth.


For anyone out there thinking the “why bother” -keep going. JUST KEEP GOING.  What you are doing matters.  Your voice matters. Your work matters.  There will always be those who don’t get it, don’t understand, don’t see a point–but it isn’t theirs to own.  It is your story and only you can tell it. Sheesh, I am full of cliches today.  Whatever, let me say it again a different way.  Do what only you can do. Bring your voice to the table-again, and again, and again.  Share your work; write it, speak it, paint it, draw it, build it, record it, make it.  Afraid?? Nervous?? Great! Do. It. Anyway. I can’t wait to see what you bring to the table!

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