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Yeah, No.

Encaustic, Pastel on PanelGenerally, I don’t work in encaustic in the winter (it gets a bit too chilly in my studio) but I made an exception last week to create this piece for one of the best fund raising events around. The Urban Institute for Contemporary Art (UICA) hosts Live Coverage-an event to raise funds for their programming-and invites around 50 artists to create work on site which is then auctioned. There is live music, live art, good food and great people-a recipe for success that never fails.

I fired up the heat in my studio and choreographed my way through the production of Yeah, No.  You see, I can’t have my heat on AND have my palette on at the same time or I blow the circuit so I have to plan when I can be warm and when the wax can be hot!  All in all it worked pretty well to get this one finished in time for the event.  I wasn’t able to attend the event this year-much to my chagrin because it is my favorite event to participate in/attend.  I pick and choose charity events carefully so to miss out on this one was a bummer.

Yeah, No. is a continuation of the encaustic series I have been working in and I kinda like it!  I didn’t have the foresight to get a really great documentary shot of it and encaustic is a bugger to photograph on the fly.  I know the piece sold (yay) and hope it finds a happy home with a great sense of humor.

Happy Trails, Yeah, No.

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